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Dating an Asian chick?

In the kitchen here in JP, I frequently find myself the minority : female and married to Japanese. Most females work in the hall – you’ve probably seen them if you’ve eaten in at least one Tokyo restaurant.. you know those girls in the restaurant who look nice, saying “Irrashaimase!” in high-pitched voices. Being in the kitchen, most of my workmates, if not all of them, are males – Japanese males, foreign males and half-Japanese. So I get to hear most of the time about the male talk about what men like to talk about the most : women. Those newly arrived from the west can’t believe how ‘mote-mote’ they are around Japanese (and other Asian) girls. Suddenly, all these hot shibuya girls are falling all over them, beckoning to them with smiles. Suddenly, Roppongi is not possible without being taken home by some hot japanese (or other asian) lady with plunging necklines and mini skirts (when it’s 6 Degrees outside, that’s a feat). The next day I see them coming to the kitchen straight from Roppongi smelling of bars, eyes heavy with sleep, clutching their phones, waiting for that text. It’s a way for Asian girls to test foreign waters, to experience romance western style, to be treated like a princess , or maybe just to practice English for free. A lot of white males actually get their ego boost in this country, heck even those who were considered LOSERS in their native lands. I mean even the ugliest m*therf*ck* -pardon my french – gets his piece of Asian chick. (What are these girls thinking?!)

These are several things to consider when dating (and eventually getting serious) with Asian chicks:

1)If she’s Japanese, she’d probably want you to earn more and more and more. This happy-go lifestyle will not work with her eventually : she’s a high maintenance chick feeding on LVs and trips to Paris and Milan. Japanese chicks prefer high-earners because she doesn’t work; she doesn’t want to work; she’s not raised to work; she’s not conditioned to work; her own country discriminates her against work. We can see this by how Japanese companies act toward her. They tend not to invest in her heavily; they are not likely to give her housing subsidy because she’s expected to marry and retire and bear kids: a birthing machine. In short : a Japanese chick doesn’t have a lot of things going on for her in her own country, so you better have. As a friend says (a white male who’s had his fair share of Japanese girlfriends) : They want to be with whites who earn like Japanese at the very least. I recommend you read Understanding Japanese Women: Complete Guide To Dating Japanese Women.

2)Many Asian chicks want to get hitched before they turn thirty. So if you’ve taken a huge chunk of her young adult life, you owe it to her to pop the question. Don’t give her the wrong expectations. Age is not reversible. Clue : if you’re not serious with her, DECLINE meeting her parents.

3)Marriage is more of an obligation thing. Japanese wives probably won’t care if you go carousing in KTVs and hostess clubs from time to time as long as she gets her lion’s share of your salary. (fyi : Japanese males (and some females too) don’t consider professional services as cheating. Example: my hubby’s office mate is grateful that her husband can do all these “sick” stuffs to other women. lucky man, you say?)

4)Many Japanese think that people who are single since birth, now in their late thirties are KIMOCHIWARUI (“disgusting”) (note:divorcees are OK). The assumption is that they probably have something wrong with them that’s why they could never marry- doesn’t matter if it is a personal decision not to marry. Marriage is the most legitimate way to validate your worth as a human being. Salary men who are never married will probably not get promoted in work. If she’s an unmarried woman of 38, then she is past her local sell-date; her market-value is 0, nill, zilch, nada, rien. Her next chance of being hitched is by parading herself among foreign men who have open minds (hint : they usually can’t tell or don’t care if she’s 16 or 39).

5)Sometimes, the Japanese father – if you are serious with your gf enough to meet her father – may ask for your resume. It is possible that they’d go see you in a business suit. You better dress up like going for a job-interview. HIDE YOUR TATTOOES! it’s no no in Japan.

6) If you are going to date a woman from the poorer parts of Asia, like the Philippines, take note that most women have a huge extended family to support back home. Do a background check. They are not fighting tooth and claw to get you for your masculinity.

7)Many Asian chicks expect to be housewives once married. Career women in Asia are more of the exception than the rule. So look outside East Asia. If you are lucky enough to find an educated Filipina, know that unlike Japanese women, our own country takes us seriously. We have a lot of things going on for us really, and most of all, we don’t expect men to work for us so we can afford that LV. Women rule Philippine workforce. And, to add icing to our cake, The Philippines has more female execs than many countries. More links : Female execs dominate in PhilippinesJapanese working women

8) Many guys arrive in Tokyo overwhelmed with all these hot Asian chicks in super fabulous attires and three inch heels like they are going to do the catwalk. A dime a dozen! But – before you assume all of us Asians are just naturally beautiful, you better understand the power of makeup. I go frequently to onsens and trust me, really beautiful girls are pretty rare – just like in many countries of the world! If she’s the type who wakes up one hour ahead of you so you don’t see her without her warpaint on, then be suspicious – what is underneath all that paint? Drag her to a private onsen and insist for her to go completely bare. Check out these Japanese celebs who allegedly had cosmetic surgery.

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