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Ipad mini vs Nexus 7 vs Kindle Fire

After a wild night partying in Niichome (where drink-all-you-can beer costs only JPY1000 for two hours!), I woke up to find the tablet of my battery gone. I didn’t panic though – Japanese are pretty honest when it comes to “wasuremono” (things you forget) and usually you’d get it again. I called the two bars the following day to find that they don’t have my battery. Oh no. How unfortunate. Where in the world did I live it?

For one I’m sure no one would take it. No one would recognize, much less use it. I get the same questions : what is it? Where did you buy it?

My tablet is Sony Tablet P. I’m pretty sure you haven’t seen it. It looks like this:

Sony tablet P

Sony tablet P

* picture taken from http://phandroid.com/sony-tablet-p/pictures/

The reason I bought this is because it’s small and compact. And it’s not cheap either, at 440USD (last year; now it costs around 240USD).

It was a very half-assed work though, if you ask me. The large line in the middle makes sure you’d have to watch those videos through one panel only. Reading books also doesn’t help – Sony didn’t do much to accommodate readers such as Kobo or Kindle. It could have been great to have a line in the middle when reading books , if they’d only properly divide into columns. But they don’t. Lastly, typing is such a hassle.   I thought the opportunity of losing my tablet battery is a good opportunity to switch to a better performing one.

I am not a techie and I read reviews before I buy, so I can make informed decisions. 

Best tablet 2013: our top 10 ranking rates Ipadmini as number one best tablet. But I am not going to buy an Apple Product anytime soon.

But why not Apple? (A side story)

Steve Jobs Walter Isaacson

Steve Jobs Walter Isaacson

*image from http://www.forum.hr/archive/index.php/t-90752-p-18.html

A long time ago, in 2003 to be exact, I bought my first Ipod. Eventually the battery died and it became unusable. Usually, with other products, you would be able to go to a store  and get yourself a new battery. Or you can opt to hack into the hardware itself using screws. But Apple products don’t have that. I felt irritated and trapped.  I vowed I’ll never buy Apply products again.  But, with the boom of Apple sales, I thought I was dreaming it all up – until I read the Steve Job’s book by Walter Isaacson that confirmed how I felt.

While I admire Steve Jobs and his intense personality, he was also a pioneer of closed systems. You’d notice that there are no screws in your Apple products. Steve Jobs made it in such a way that you won’t be able to open into it (without destroying it, that is). Steve Wozniak initially wanted to put a lot of ports because he is  a hacker -but Steve Jobs was against it. You’d also notice that they make the hardware, the software, the apps (he didn’t like making Itunes for Windows either – but was forced to do it because of the predicted sales it would bring. It did make a lot of money.). Not only that, but Apple came under criticism for censoring porn, with Steve Jobs saying, “If they want porn, they can use Windows” (mangled quote, I can’t access my e-books!)  Additional reference Steve Jobs Releases His 10 Commandments.  He also didn’t like the idea of licensing his OS to others because it would get , in my favorite term, “bastardized” (like Android, which he vowed to destroy). While you’d have to commend Steve Jobs for not selling out – eventually Bill Gates surpassed him in wealth, for Bill Gates have no qualms about licensing –  using an Apple system is like being trapped in a country with a dictator deciding what I want. Steve Jobs Mangled quote : “People don’t know what they want! You’d have to tell them what they want!”). And that is true, according to the book – Steve Jobs liked to control and he liked to give a very controlled user experience to his buyers.   And I thought I was dreaming it all up!

Now there are three things that are banned in my house :

1) Smoking

2) Avril Lavigne music

3) Apple products

A man has got to have morals.

So now, my choices are narrowed down to two : Kindle HD vs Google Nexus 7.

Nexus 7 vs. Kindle Fire HD 7″

Nexus 7 vs. Kindle Fire HD 7″

from http://pocketnow.com/2012/09/06/nexus-7-vs-kindle-fire-hd-7

It seems like I am not the only one who’s torn between the two. There’s a wealth of websites comparing them.  And while I love all that Amazon has to offer – being a loyal Kindle reader for a year already (and spending, on my peak, 200 USD for books a month), I am disappointed with one thing : there is only a front camera (facing the user). That’s the deciding factor for me. Sure, Kindle didn’t half-ass their tablet as Sony did, and for half a price. Plus the wealth of music and books at my fingertips. But the back camera? I have another camera, a separate one that I use for taking pictures- true, but I don’t carry it around with me as I carry around my tablet. No question about it, my money goes to Nexus 7.

*Featured image from http://www.yugworld.in/2012/10/apple-ipad-mini-vs-google-nexus-7-vs.html

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