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Donations for Yolanda/Haiyan Victims

Thank you to all those who donated their things to the typhoon survivors in the Philippines. I have forwarded the first 40kg box to my colleagues in Manila for their after-Christmas mission  in Capiz.


Donations for Yolanda Victims from the residents of Tokyo

Donations for Yolanda Victims from the residents of Tokyo

It’s not only individuals who sent in their donations but also Tokyo store owners (which is why some shirts are totally brand new !) . Maraming salamat po!


My org will be having a mission from December 26-30 in Capiz. They will be using the donations for the residents affected by the typhoon. Here are the details:

” This just started as a relief operation or clothes/food pack distribution in Dec but was magnified due to the enthusiasm of members to help affected people in Visayas. Someof the things to be distributed will come from Trish. ORGans and other volunteers will be divided by two’s and will live with families – buddy system per family. We’ll help them build/fix their houses, bring them clothes and other donated stuffs, cook for them and feed them for 3 days. Dala na natin lahat supplies. ”

I haven’t decided if I want to join (airfare costs a lot of money), but I can hook you up with my org if you want to join the Relief x Immersion Project.

Relief by Immersion

Relief by Immersion

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