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3 years since DJ died

There’s one thing that scares me about death.

It’s that life goes on without you. People will continue to live their lives, rush to work, do overtime, get promoted, marry, have kids, take vacations, party by the beach, retire and play with their grand kids.

But for those who died- there will be no more work, no more morning rush hour, no more overtime, no marriage, no promotions, no vacations, no more parties by the beach, no more retirement and certainly no playing with grand kids. Worse, those who died without kids leave this world without progeny, without any anchor in the future. The future does not belong to them. They are dead.

It’s been three years since DJ was killed. How time flies.

Police clear ex-cage star’s son in murder case

By Charlie V. Manalo

Zambales police have cleared most of the suspects in a murder case involving a surfing instructor and the son of basketball legend Ramon Fernandez, prompting the family of the victim to appeal to government authorities for assistance in solving the case.

Glecy Talabis said her youngest son, Dante “Deejay” Talabis Jr., 31, was beaten up to death by still unidentified persons on a beach in Sitio Limliman, San Felipe last Dec. 23.

The victim’s mother said local police have picked up for questioning four persons who were with the victim during a bonfire campout that turned bloody when her son was mauled.

SPOE Bernard Feliciano, investigator on case, said that among those picked up for questioning were ramp model Xynith Martillo, 29, of 1 Alden St., North Fairview, Quezon City; Franco Cujolo, 37, of Maalalahanin Street, Teachers Village, QC; Phobe P. Flauta, 48, beach resort owner and Francisco Antonio Fernandez, 24, of Bonifacio Heights Condominium, Taguig City.

The victim’s mother said Feliciano informed their family that Fernandez is the son of former basketball star Ramon Fernandez.

“The investigator told me that all of those picked up for questioning were considered suspects in the murder. I was informed later that they were all released because they couldn’t be held for longer hours,” she said.

In an interview yesterday, Talabis said a text message sent by an unnamed friend of her son claimed that police have arrested Rex Patrick Rasil, a surfer and resident of San Felipe, who admitted to the crime.

However, the victim’s mother said a certain Grace, believed to be the young Fernandez’s girlfriend, has not been mentioned as among those held for questioning.

“Friends of my son were the ones who noted that this girl’s name was never mentioned in the police investigation,” she said.

The victim had been bludgeoned to the head that showed at least two severe injuries. He also sustained bruises in different parts of the body and a black eye.

“I don’t believe only one person was involved. My son was quite strong, he was a surfing instructor,” the victim’s mother said.

The elder Talabis said Deejay went to San Felipe on Dec. 20 to help a friend prepare for his forthcoming wedding.

He, however, decided to stay longer because he was invited to the bonfire campout.

I’m saving the articles here, because the previous links I’ve saved are no longer working. Even the internet found it is to its best interest to move on, delete, delete,delete.

Suspect in surfer’s murder arrested

IBA, Zambales -­ Police have arrested a suspect in the December 23 murder of a surfing instructor in San Felipe town.

However, the family of victim Dante “Deejay“ Talabis Jr. remained unconvinced that only one person was behind the killing that took place on a beach in Sitio Limliman, San Felipe.

Glecy Talabis, mother of the victim, said the injuries sufferedby her husband clearly indicated that more than one person participated in mauling him to death.

The grieving mother urged police authorities to dig deeper into the murder case which is being blamed on Rex Patrick Rasil, also a surfing instructor residing in San Felipe.

According to the elder Talabis three of four persons who took her son to the San Marcelino District Hospital should be interrogated further to shed light into the killing.

The three, identified as Franco R. Cujolo, 37; Francisco Antonio R. Fernandez, 24 and Phoebe Flauta, 48, have claimed having no knowledge of the incident that happened during a bonfire campout last Friday.

Fernandez is the son of former basketball star Ramon Fernandez.

Ramp model Xynith Martillo, a friend of the victim, said they found the critically injured victim on the beach and decided to rush him to the hospital.

“The investigator told me that all of those picked up for questioning were considered suspects in the murder. I was informed later that they were all released because they couldn’t be held for longer hours, “ she said.

Talabis said she was informed that Rasil had confessed to the crime. (Ben R. Rosario)

It infuriates me when people hinted that DJ deserved what was coming – he was just “mayabang“. He wasn’t perfect. But to say that he deserved to die?!

So let’s look at (some of) the names mentioned in the article. Suspects are innocent until proven guilty- but nobody really bothered to prove them guilty or otherwise. Granted, they may be innocent,  but I think they barely helped in shedding more light to help solve this case either. What if it happened to them or their loved ones? Wouldn’t they want some people to come out and speak up?

Xynith Martillo is still alive and beautiful.

Image from FHM

Franco R. Cujolo, aka Franco Reyes, is now more famous than ever, thanks to his band, Franco


Aling Phoebe still operates her sari-sari store, from what I see on her FB page.


And Rex Racil– the man who confessed to killing DJ- is still a surf instructor at Aling Phoebe’s, living the good life. To be honest, though, I don’t think Rex did it alone – if he happened to have done it. Rex happened to be poorer than the others,

3 years since Dj died : Rex Patrick Racil

3 years since Dj died : Rex Patrick Racil

DJ was far from perfect, of course. The last time I saw him, he hadn’t been employed for 6 years. He managed to make ends meet doing “odd” jobs. It’s just surprising that different motives were given for his murder, depending on whom I talked to. One minute, it was a morbid fight about a jealous man bludgeoning another, the next it was a drug deal gone very wrong. What really happened – no one would really know. It’s not fair that a man dying gets less publicity than an actor getting beat up for cheating on his partner with the wrong woman.

But one thing for sure is that DJ is dead and will remain dead.

From the moment he ceased to exist, we refer him to in the past. Was. Had been.  He had been deprived, not only of the future, but of the present.

And we are alive to pick up the pieces and move on. Because life goes on.

At the very least, don’t we owe him justice?

Images from the internet and Facebook.

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