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The incarceration of Bong and Jinggoy

If you’ve been listening to the news lately, it’s all about Bong and Jinggoy and the talks of making a “special jail” for special people. It’s tiring.

First let’s talk about Bong.

Bong Revilla and family. Image from the Philippine Star

Bong Revilla and family. Image from the Philippine Star

I can’t stand Bong. Not when he was an actor, and not now when he is a senator. Bong represents what is wrong with our country, lacking any great qualities, but somehow made his way to the top. What I can say is that Bong is severely delusional, unable to see the line between reel and real. Or, is everything indeed a deliberate attempt to invoke public sympathy?

Atty. Lourdes Benipayo claimed Revilla’s voluntary appearance before the Sandiganbayan on Friday morning is part of his strategy to appeal to the emotions of the Filipino people despite the plunder and graft charges filed against him.

Benipayo said it seems most of the senator’s actions are being staged for the people to pity him and his family, and for him to gain public sympathy.

< http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/focus/06/20/14/bongs-surrender-appeal-emotions >

Bong had been given the chance to defend himself. But instead of addressing the issues, he thanked all the people who helped cement his political career. And instead of trying to prove the allegations wrong, he cracked jokes. Doesn’t this show that he hardly takes what’s happening to him seriously? The arrogance is infuriating. And let’s not talk about his music video. His antics may have endeared him to his fans, but he’s quite forgotten that this is neither one of his B-movies nor at the FAMAS awards. It was just wrong! People couldn’t be bought by music videos or his bullshit.

Now come the day of the arrest, Bong, an  actor with a real propensity for grabbing the media spotlight, has his own camera crew filming every second of his surrender, earning him the ire of the people. From one faux pas to another, Bong never learned his lesson : mainly that the Era of Bullshitting The Public is over. Hours inside the cell, his words of chivalry (mangled heroic quote: “Do anything you want with me but please leave my family alone”) but evaporated into thin air.   Stuck in 32 meter cell with roaches instead of fans, the Panday hero was complaining about migraine due to heat, quite unlike the tough man he used to portray in his movies. The wife wants a cooler installed inside his cell. While you’re at it, why don’t we install a TV, a computer with internet and a phone too? And what about room service? Enraged public commented: “Ano bang akala nya, sa hotel sya?!”

And more people are enraged when a Bicol Rep proposed a high profile detention center.

House Bill 1360 or the proposed High-Profile Detention Center Act filed by Ako Bicol party-list Reps. Christopher Co and Rodel Batocabe seeks to establish a separate detention facility for individuals in high-profile cases who have been charged with non-bailable offenses.

< http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/366067/news/nation/special-detention-facility-for-personalities-involved-in-high-profile-cases-sought >

A special cell is for those accused of plunder and graft and government fund scams. Bakit ganun? Mas malaki ang ninakaw, mas special? When random people were questioned, majority didn’t like the idea、especially that, if ever approved, the public will have to foot the bill. It’s like salt added to injury. Kami na nga ninakawan, kami pa sasagot sa kulungan!  And really, what is the difference between a small-scale mandarambong to a big scale one? Reminds me of a Japanese saying ,


A miss is as good as a mile.

The attention given to Bong’s every discomfort is nauseatingly annoying. Senator Trillanes, a true military man, advised Bong to learn from his own experience instead of bitching about his cell.  Trillanes, after all, spent 7 years in jail, in a worse cell than Bong’s. And did we hear Trillanes complain about roaches and bugs? In short, Bong, be a man.

And now Jinggoy.

Unlike Bong, Jinggoy took the opportunity to address the issues he is facing. But if you listened to his privilege speech last year , you’d recognize the same theme of finger pointing and fault-finding: Bakit kami lang e kayo din naman, masama? He claimed that those who convicted Corona received ‘bribe’ money worth PHP50M. Unfortunately, it’s easy to discredit his claims. Not all who received the bribe voted to convict Corona, and not all who voted to convict Corona received PHP50 M. E bakit pa tinawag na bribe? And instead of trying to prove his innocence, he used the opportunity to discredit the witness. Neither was a very good tactic, Mr Senator.

Compared to Bong’s media-circus surrender, however, Jinggoy’s was fairly low profile. They claim : Eh paano ba naman, nasa exclusive village naman nakatira yun! Hindi makapasok ang mga supporters! But even so, I think Jinggoy understood his situation better than Bong did. After all, it happened to his father before him. It was, in fact, the older Estrada  who accompanied him to CIDG.

But why oh why did it take so long? I was listening to the radio from morning and the actual “surrender” didn’t happen past 4 (Japan time). Ang tagaaaaal!

Before his incarceration, Jinggoy had a special request : he wanted a cable TV set installed in his cell. And if possible, could he and Bong be together? Hay naku, bakasyonista ba kayo !?

Having heard what Bong was experiencing, the older Estrada complained of the poor treatment of “mere suspects”. Of course, the public wants to see someone suffer, but his son hasn’t even been convicted yet. Why does his son need to pay the price? It’s not fair that they detain him at such a cell in CIDG! Besides, the former President said, it shouldn’t be my son’s fault that the NGOs turned out to be fake. He didn’t know that!Not fair! Not fair! Not fair! Puro reklamo! This is what I say to Mr ex-President Estrada : there are many other less special “mere suspects” who’ve spent years in jail, living day-to-day in a cell worse than your son’s. And they’ve stolen way less than your son allegedly did. Your son shouldn’t be treated any more specially than he already is.

Reading the news yesterday, I couldn’t help be irritated when I ran across an article :

Revilla also refused to eat the fried hasa-hasa (short-bodied mackerel) and the ginisang munggo (sauteed mung beans) that were rationed to him for dinner.

Until Tuesday morning, Revilla, and also Estrada, did not eat the hotdogs and eggs served to them for breakfast, and the tinolang manok (chicken ginger stew) that was rationed to them for lunch, according to Chief Supt. Reuben Theodore Sindac, head of the PNP’s Public Information Office

< http://www.interaksyon.com/article/89832/videos–bong-and-jinggoy-superheroes-in-movies-told-not-to-complain-but-endure-life-in-jail >

It’s not because they are on a hunger strike either.

Revilla’s wife, actress and Cavite Rep. Lani Mercado said what her husband wanted was sinampalukang manok (chicken in tamarind soup) and kare-kare (oxtail stew in peanut sauce).

< http://www.interaksyon.com/article/89832/videos–bong-and-jinggoy-superheroes-in-movies-told-not-to-complain-but-endure-life-in-jail >

Sinampalukang manok and Kare-kare?! Nagbabakasyon ka ba, senador? 

“While he has the right to decline the food we give him, Senator Revilla should also understand that the PNP is using public funds for the food ration of detainees like him,” he [a PNP official] said.

< http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/613355/cockroaches-rats-should-be-the-least-of-revillas-worries-in-jail-says-official#ixzz35bhOrsOL >

By complaining about the cell and by refusing to eat jail food,  the senators refuse to step down from their pedestals, as if saying, we’re better than you ordinary crooks, in this jail and out! Well, I really hope you crooks get what you really deserve.

Senator Trillanes is right : humility DOES go a long way. Both of you should try it sometime!

Humility is the solid foundation of all virtues. Image from the internet.

Humility is the solid foundation of all virtues. Image from the internet.

2 comments on “The incarceration of Bong and Jinggoy

  1. jarch21
    June 25, 2014

    Thank you for writing this article and updating me on the current happenings back in the Philippines. Reading it just made me so angry. The nerve of those two thieves!!!! I am so glad that filipinos are outraged by this type of behavior. Maybe the country has a slight chance of prosperity now that they are able to see through the “Showbiz” facade. I hate that Bong uses religion for his plight with that shirt. The fact that he got it printed just shows it is part of his strategy & his own tv crew… All those distractions are paid for by the tax payers you stole from. But I find it hard to believe that only those two are involved in the Government… I also hate how religion is used to mask all bad deeds in the Philippines.

    • ikalwewe
      June 26, 2014

      Hi thanks for your comment. I really hope that we as people have learned our lessons well. Hindi din naman kasi tayo pwedeng sisi ng sisi na lang sa mga pulitiko, eh tayo ang nageelect sa kanila in the first place! I’d be really surprised if Bong still continues his 2016 dream. But I’d be more surprised kung may supporters pa siya. I mean, can’t people see through him already? Plastik. Puro papogi. I really hope they rot in jail.

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