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Elections 2016 : 10 Things to remember

True, I deactivated FB (just because). Once in a while, I sneak a peak though and my news feed is a barrage of comments, news, views on the elections. Mudslinging here, scandals there, criticisms and come backs abound. It’s f*cking circus! There is the issue with Grace Poe’s disqualification, Miriam’s choice of VP and her alleged lung cancer, the charges against Binay, Duterte’s foul mouth and war with the church. Come to think of it, only Mar seems to enjoy relative peace. I don’t join in any of the debates now, kasi what’s the point? I remember the time I went out with an Israeli. On our first date he went political on me.  Like, bitching about Palestine and the hard-core Jewish extremists ! Finally after listening to his monologue, I gave in to temptation and asked him about certain issues (“didn’t you bomb so-and-so?) . Not that I side with Palestine, but I suddenly felt like fanning the flames.  There was no point debating with him – he already made up his mind (it didn’t help that he was in the army). It seemed like no matter what, he had his own version of what happened. Fine. Yes, people do have a right to their opinions, but not their own facts. But yeah,  who goes political on your first date? Or on your second? Or on the third? (There wasn’t a second or third date, needless to say!)

So my point is, joining the debates is kinda futile. Like arguing with Mr Israeli about Palestine.


1) If you don’t vote, then you don’t bitch.

Elections 2016 : Things to remember. If you don't vote, you don't bitch

Elections 2016 : Things to remember. If you don’t vote, you don’t bitch

2) This isn’t a popularity contest.

Elections 2016 : Things to remember. Not a popularity contest.

Elections 2016 : Things to remember. Not a popularity contest.

There is more at stake here. Your future, your children’s future. That million dollar smile or boxing skills won’t alleviate poverty.

3) Neither is this a sabong or a horse race. 

During the previous elections, I talked to a cab driver and asked him who he’d vote for. He said, “Boto ko si __________ kasi mukhang yun ang mananalo.” Ha? Pustahan ba to? 

4)There is a separation of church and state. 

If you are like me, tired of the church rule and their two cents on issues, remember we are not a theocracy. We’ve been following the teachings of the church to the T, and look where it brought us!

Elections 2016 : Things to remember. Separation of church and state.

Elections 2016 : Things to remember. Separation of church and state.

Elections 2016 : Things to remember. Separation of church and state.

Elections 2016 : Things to remember. Separation of church and state.

Not convinced ? Look at our HIV rate.

5) Personal life should remain personal. 

Just because I’m a lying, cheating , scumbag doesn’t make me a bad language teacher / mining engineer / doctor. And I mean it.

6) The candidates are not saints. 

Elections 2016 : Things to remember. I am not a saint - Nelson Mandela

Elections 2016 : Things to remember. I am not a saint – Nelson Mandela

Let’s face it : everyone lies. Everyone cheats. Humans are hardwired to cheat.

There is considerable evidence that our ability to tell lies is evolutionary in origin. Other animals also practice deception — Rhesus monkeys, for example, hide food to avoid having to share it with other monkeys.

Andrew Byrne and Nadia Corp, researchers at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland who’ve studied primate prevarication, have found that the capability for foisting falsehoods upon others appears to be linked to brain development. The size of the cortex, the outer brain region where advanced cognitive functions takes place, is a good predictor of how skilled a particular species will be at being untruthful.

If you look around the animal world, deception is widespread, from small organisms to large ones,” explained Kang Lee, a psychologist and professor at the University of Toronto, who has studied the development and frequency of lying in children.

In addition to enabling animals to fool predators, deception also helps members of a species to compete against one another for needed resources. “Humans are doing the same thing.

Kiger, Patrick. Are We Hard-Wired to Enjoy Cheating? Discovery News. September 12, 2013. Web. December 3, 2015.  < http ://news. discovery. com/ human/ evolution/ is-dishonesty -the-best-policy -for- happiness- 130912. htm >

Let’s cut them some slack : unless, of course, they are convicted* rapists/(mass)murderers/pedophiles/cannibals/ plunderers/embezzlers (insert gruesome crime here).

You’ll never find one candidate that is squeaky clean, especially at times like this when even traffic violations are brought to the spotlight.

*(Convicted – because everyone is innocent until proven guilty, right?)

If they tell you otherwise, RUN!

If they tell you they don’t masturbate, run faster!

Elections 2016 : Things to remember. Juan Ponce Enrile doesn't masturbate because it's mass murder.

Elections 2016 : Things to remember. Juan Ponce Enrile doesn’t masturbate because it’s mass murder.

  7) Having said #5 and #6, DO check the background….

Look educational/professional background and criminal records.

Before we hire people at our companies, we want to see if they are qualified to do the job. Think of yourself as an employer trying to find the right person. Analyze their qualifications and experience – as you would when hiring someone to work for you. Because guess what, you are.

For example…Do they know what they’re talking about?

If not, red flags!!!

On criminal records : they might not have been convicted – not yet at least – because of our faulty justice system. But check if they were”allegedly”  involved in any scandals/scams. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Kasi, let’s face it dinmatagal ang conviction sa Pilipinas, at nabibili pa!

8) ……and their track record. ..

Because actions speak louder than words.

Many of the politicians running for office have been there since time immemorial. Did they walk the talk? What do they have to show us? Let’s measure the output, the tangibles : did they reach their targets? Did they satisfy their “SLAs”? Did they keep their promise? As my boss used to say to us in sales: “It’s a numbers game!” Because that was how we were measured.

As employees, this is how companies measure us . In turn, it’s just right that we measure the candidates by their performance.

Elections 2016 : Things to remember. George Bush and his track record

Elections 2016 : Things to remember. George Bush and his track record


9) To each his own – respect your kababayan‘s choices. It’s his/her right. 


My problems are bigger than yours – because they are mine.

This is how everyone thinks. And it’s true. This explains why we differ in our choices – some appeal us to more than the others because they propose solutions to problems we may (or may not) be dealing with.


Calling people names because they’re not voting for your candidate is not going to convince them otherwise.

10) Vote wisely.

Cliché, but yeah : public office is a big deal.  The next public servants can make or break our country.

EDSA can get worse. Balikbayan boxes can rot in the ports. Our taxes can increase. And the Philippines can go to hell. Or the complete opposite.

Elections 2016 : Things to remember. The power is yours!

Elections 2016 : Things to remember. The power is yours!

*Images taken from the internet, without permission.

2 comments on “Elections 2016 : 10 Things to remember

  1. Ron Angelo
    December 4, 2015

    Good read. Though I don’t necessarily agree with number 1 and the separation of church and state thing.

    A lot people who can’t/don’t/won’t vote can have good ideas. 1st year college students who are underage usually have this fervor about them. They usually have some decent if not smart things to say. People who don’t vote on the other hand can produce quality assessments. It’s up to us readers to determine which are crap and which are gold. Ideas being flung our way should not be judged by who expressed them.

    As for the separation of church and state, I wrote an in-depth article about it here: http://laymanpinoy.blogspot.com/2015/07/the-separation-of-church-and-state-in.html. Basically, for me, the separation of church and state is not directed at the state or the voters. It is directed at the state. Back when the concept was conceptualized, states determined the religion of people. Joh Locke argued that an institution brought about by the desire to survive in a pleasant environment (the state) should not have a say in how its constituents choose their path to divinity. It should not mess with state affairs. No mention was made of the state messing with the state’s affairs both in Locke’s paper or our constitution. It is always the state that should avoid the church’s affairs. The concept of the church not meddling with the state is not set in stone since it’s not clear on the constitution. It is now a political ideal. And as with many political ideals, it has its defendants and attackers. People can vote for people based on their religious leaders’ endorsements. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that. But for people like me who don’t subscribe to that practice, we need to keep political discussions such as this going so as to counteract the polical bias of our countrymen.

    Anyway, good read. I think the need to understand the administrative duties and the political implications of the positions people are running for is also important. But that’s just me.

    That Israeli dude is weak by the way. Come on, who goes on a date with the war on Palestine as their conversational ammunition?

    • ikalwewe
      December 4, 2015

      Thanks for your comment Ron Angels. Will reply in detail later I’m at work pa. Hay.

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